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New centre opens in Sligo

Mindfulness, life coaching among training offered

A new centre in Sligo will offer a range of training activities including active age group, creative writing, no dig garden, rural social scheme, Boxing, Life Coaching, community empoloyment, computure courses, mindfulness and work experience.The Sligo Leader in partnership with HSE Sligo Leitrim Mental Health Services has announced the opening of a new centre at Ballytivnan Sligo (formally Garden Centre).  The main objective at the Ballytivnan Centre is to provide integration and opportunity for mental health service users.

An opening morning has been held whereby service users, families and carers, service providers and mental health professionals could come along and have the opportunity to find out about all the many activities, training courses and work experiences that are on offer and to choose what best suits their needs. 

Sligo LEADER Partnership will manage Ballytivnan Centre in collaboration with the HSE and endeavour to deliver a social model that engages with mental health service users and members of the wider community. The centre will be focused on delivering skill enhancing activities and related training in a socially engaging environment.   As a community development company, Sligo LEADER Partnership are experienced with empowering clients to identify social barriers which can prohibit their individual progression, and integration within their local communities and wider society. This same ethos will be fundamental to a successful centre at Ballytivnan.

The Ballytivnan centre will be focused on provided a service that is training and activity centred. Additionally, it is important that activities at the centre offer challenges and opportunities to service users that they cannot avail of within their home environment or immediate community. Training and activities throughout the centre will be diverse, will accommodate individuals experiencing different barriers to progression, but will also challenge participants to develop personally.

There were a number of refurbishment works completed to enable the  former garden centre to function in its new role.  The Ballytivnan centre has four multifunctional training rooms, a garden centre and a retail unit. All areas will be fully staffed. The garden centre will be zoned and training and activities will be scheduled within the different zones. Additionally, the retail unit will allow for horticultural and retail training as well as affording participants the opportunity to deal with the public on a professional standing.  This service will engage with mental health service users, participants working on community schemes and members of the general public.  Service used will be referred to the centre via HSE Sligo/Leitrim mental health services.



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Timeframe for statutory registration


Draft regulations to designate the professions of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and to establish a registration board will be ready for submission to the Houses of the Oireachtas for their approval during the present session, the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, has told the Dail.


The Minister recently concluded a public consultation on  his proposal to regulate counsellors generally under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.


On foot of the consultation process, He has decided to proceed with the designation of two distinct professions under the Act, that of counsellor and psychotherapist. Each will have its own register under one registration board. This decision has been communicated to the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, the relevant professional bodies and all the respondents to the public consultation process.


Subject to the approval of the Houses, the next step will be the appointment of the 13 members of the registration board, following the submission of suitable candidates for the Minister's consideration, by the Public Appointments Service. The aim is that the registration board will be in a position early in the New Year to begin the task of drafting the various bye-laws to allow it to establish its registers.



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