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IACP Annual Conference 2020
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

About IACP

Our Association was established in 1981, to identify, develop and maintain professional standards of excellence in counselling and psychotherapy. Our work promotes best practice and the development of the profession as well as safeguard the public. As a registered Charity (CHY 6615) representing over 3,700 members, we are the largest Counselling and Psychotherapy Association in Ireland. 


What we do

IACP represent the interests of both client and Counsellor / Psychotherapist in Ireland. We are a link between those who are looking for Counselling / Psychotherapy and those who provide Counselling / Psychotherapy. In addition, we provide information and set and maintain practice and training standards. We represent Counselling / Psychotherapy at both national and international level. Much of our work involves developing high standards in the profession of Counselling / Psychotherapy. The IACP has established a comprehensive Code of Ethics and Practice. IACP also partners other National and International Counselling and Psychotherapy Associations to advance the development of Counselling and Psychotherapy.


IACP Purpose Statement

"Members working together to achieve excellence of practice, career development and wider awareness of the value of Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy"


IACP Vision Statement

A future where all people can access regulated professional Counselling and Psychotherapy services. Our vision is one where Counselling and Psychotherapy are an integral part of healthcare provision.


IACP Core Values

The underlying values which guide our work are as follows:

  • Integrity
  • Respect and Inclusivity
  • Valuing the Individual
  • Professional and Ethical


How to find a Counsellor / Psychotherapist: IACP provides

  • A free comprehensive online directory of all accredited IACP Counsellors / Psychotherapists in Ireland @ www.iacp.ie  
  • Accredited Counsellors / Psychotherapists in every county in Ireland
  • A Telephone Referral Helpline providing information on all areas relating to Counselling & Psychotherapy: 01-2303536, 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday.


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