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Journal Article Index

Index of Articles from the IACP Journals
rom 2018 to 2012 

Article Name Author Name Journal Issue
Response to EugeneMcHugh's 'A Conversation on DSM-5 and its Usefulness in Counselling and Psychotherapy' - The Rogerian Perspective Pat Comerford Winter 2018
Online Therapy: A business opportunity for the private practitioner
- a Person-Centered perspective
Declan Peelo Winter 2018
Expression, Truse-Building, & Meanint-Making with At-Risk
Youth in Psychotherapy
Blake Griffin Edwards Winter 2018
Exploring The Dynamics of Relational Trauma and the Organic, Energetic Process of Change - Therapeutic, Training and Research Perspectives Rosie Burrows Winter 2018
Embodied Collaborative Inquiry: a Pragmatic Practice-Based
Research Approach
Billy Desmond Autumn 2018
An Introduction to Eye Movement Desensitization and
Reprocessing (EMDR)
Peter Nevin Autumn 2018
Pluralism: An ethical commitment to dialogue and collaboration Dr. Marcella Finnerty, Ms. Caitríona Kearns,
& Mr. David O'Regan
Autumn 2018
A Simulated Interview with Viktor Frankl: Part 3 - The Process of Psychotherapy James C. Overholser Autumn 2018
The Validity of the DSM: An overview Dr. Terry Lynch Summer 2018
A critical evalutation of Miller and Rollnick's Motivational
as an approach for working with substance misuse
Antoinette Copley Summer 2018
Addiction and the Trauma Experience Graham Gill-Emerson Summer 2018
A Simulated Interview with Viktor Frankl: Part 2 - Searching for meaning during times of despair James C. Overholser Summer 2018
Egalitarianism in Therapeutic Dialogue: A Catalyst for Client
Maurice Kinsella Spring 2018
A Simulated Interview with Viktor Frankl: Part 1 - Freedom & Responsibility James C. Overholser Spring 2018
The Need for Therapists to Gain an Understanding of the Multiple Challenges Involved for Members of the Adoption Triad Patricia Losty Spring 2018
A Conversation on DSM-5 and its Usefulness in Counselling and Psychotherapy Eugene McHugh Spring 2018
Unpacking Self-Care Mia Christina Doring Winter 2017
Green Care and Walk & Talk Therapy: An Underused Resource that
has Benefits for Everyone
Ian Birthistle Winter 2017
Decision Making Regarding Motherhood in Ireland: Making a Space
for Women's Voices in Counselling
Margaret O'Connor Winter 2017
Anxiety and stress in the transition from primary to secondary
school - How lasting psychological impact can be avoided
Maretta Byrne Winter 2017
We need to Talk about Anti-Depressants Mari Gallagher Winter 2017
Professor Mick Cooper - interviewed by Mr. Joseph Enright, at the "Research: Friend not Foe" Conference Joseph Enright Autumn 2017
Teaching Research: An Exploration of "Here to be Dragons" Territory and the Development of the Practitioner-Researcher Karen Walsh Autumn 2017
Are Cork Counsellors Predictable Types? Hugh Morley Autumn 2017
When Irish Eyes are Smiling: Irish Therapists' Well-being and Their Passion for the Work of Counselling and Psychotherapy Mike Hackett and Jolanta Burke Autumn 2017
Therapeutic Relating Embodied: An Exploration of Psychotherapists' Experiences of Touch in Therapy Delphine O'Keeffe Autumn 2017
The Importance of Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy: Looking
at Suicide Through a Family Constellations Lens
Brendan O'Brien Autumn 2017
"Living in the Bottle" An exploration of the family system and how it has affected the adult children who have a parent with an alcohol addiction Siobhan Rock Summer 2017
The Dog in the Room Isla Jeffers and Coleen Jones Summer 2017
Penetrating the Silence of Sorrow: Counselling those Bereaved by Suicide Alan Kavanagh Summer 2017
When 'Challenges' Become More Than That: A Journey of Post-Natal Depression: How can we as human therapists help? Patricia Allen-Garrett Summer 2017
Is a therapist’s attachment style predictive of stress and burnout
in a sample of Irish therapists?
Ciaran Carr and Jonathan Egan Spring 2017
Is there a role for counselling in the treatment of addiction? Mick Devine Spring 2017
Mindfulness for Supervisors Padraig O’Moráin Spring 2017
My personal experience of Grief and Loss and learning to live
in the NOW
Marian Staunton Spring 2017
Coming Out or Staying In? Simon Forsyth Winter 2016
Counselling and The Big C Roisin Whelan Winter 2016
Does Psychotherapy = Counselling? A View on Defining Differences Maeve Dooley Winter 2016
Psychotherapy and the DSM: What Relationship? Mary Peyton Autumn 2016
Fear within the Supervisory Space Karen Gavin Autumn 2016
A creative Approach to Bereavement Support in Groups Breffni Mc Guinness Autumn 2016
History, Heredity and 1916: A Jungian Perspective Orla Crowley Autumn 2016
Intimate Partner Emotional Abuse and the Application of Attachment Theory Gavin Haugh Summer 2016
Post Traumatic Growth: Examining and Increase of Optimism
Amongst Targets of Bullying in Ireland
Jolanta Burke Summer 2016
Counselling and Homelessness Andrea Koenigstorfer Summer 2016
VAT - Why Us? Do I have to? And What is it all About? Fergal Maher Summer 2016
Challenges of Formulating and Implementing Evidence-Based
Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Ramesh Ramsahoye Spring 2016
Is Bio Engery Therapy a Viable Resource within the Counselling Setting? Laureen Taylor Spring 2016
Dream to Live not Live to Dream Michael O'Shea PhD Spring 2016
Let's Make Friends with the DSM Dr. Denise Mullen Spring 2016
Depression - Understanding and Therapeutic Intervention Krzysztof Kielkiewicz & Ivan Kennedy Winter 2015
Reunion in Adoption - A Tumultuous Life Event Mari Gallagher Winter 2015
The Affects Social Media has on People with Eating Disorders Mairead Carey Winter 2015
When I Am No Longer Among the Trees Judith King Autumn 2015
Agents of Change: The Person or the Pill Dr. Francis McGivern Autumn 2015
Has The Time Come to Resurface 'The Royal Road To The
Mike Hackett Autumn 2015
The Research-Engaged Therapist: Why Counsellors Need to
Embrace Systematic Investigation
Dr. Cóilín Ó'Braonáin Autumn 2015
Facilitating Cultural Competency through Group Supervision Ann McDonald Summer 2015
The Mindfulness Phenomenon: A Brief History Dr Antony Sharkey Summer 2015
Mindfulness - As a Coping Strategy Dr Chris Gibbons & Hazel Morgan Summer 2015
Methods Employed in Managing Counselling Self-Efficacy Anxiety Eoin O'Shea & Dr. Freja Petersen Summer 2015
Light by its Nature Creates Shadow: A Conversation on the
"Dark Side"
Eugene McHugh Spring 2015
The Trauma Contagion Graham Gill-Emerson Spring 2015
Emotion in the 'Here-And-Now' Pat Comerford Spring 2015
When Grief Gets Complicated Dr Susan Delaney Spring 2015
The Twilight World of IVF Treatment Attracta Gill Winter 2014
Breaking Free from OCD - An Interactional Approach Padraic Gibson Winter 2014
The Role of Emotional Awareness in Couple Relationships Mary Beirne Winter 2014
In Defense of The Self Michael McGibbon Winter 2014
Masculinity and Gay Men in the Therapy Room. A look at Male
Gender Role Conflict
Orla Crowley Autumn 2014
Homosexual Men: A journey from Shame to Authenticity Ivan Kennedy Autumn 2014
Erectile Dysfunction: Entering the conversation Luke Devlin Autumn 2014
Mutual Desire in the Therapeutic Relationship Antonia Colom-Timlin Autumn 2014
On Curiosity Orla Crowley Summer 2014
Prayer in Counselling Dr Ann Long Summer 2014
Carl Rogers, Martin Buber, and Relationship Ian Woods Summer 2014
Presence in Existential Humanistic Psychotherpay and in the
Shamanic Journey
Sandra Harner Ph.D Summer 2014
In loving memory twice over: Noreen Mulligan & Diana Erskine Hill Mary Pillow, Rita Smith, Declan Tarpey
and Eileen Boyle
Summer 2014
So You're Starting a Therapy or Counselling Practice? Jude Fay Spring 2014
Is Counselling and Psychotherapy a Vocation or the work of a Technician, or both? Christine Moran Spring 2014
Primary Factors Involved in Referral from General Medical
Practitioners to Psychological Therapies
Donagh Ward Spring 2014
Protecting our Mental Health Claire Gallagher Spring 2014
"Holding" Jim Cantwell Spring 2014
Mental Health Matters Alison Lane Spring 2014
Tending the Soul: Developing a Supervision Policy within an Organisation Mary Dwyer Winter 2013
The "Art" of Supervision Anne Burke Winter 2013
A Reflective Wholistic Transcultural Model of Supervision Margaret O'Reilly-Carroll Winter 2013
Counselling Supervision Willie Egan Winter 2013
The Provision of Prescription Privileges for Psychotherapists:
An Ethical and Legal Dilemma
Francis McGivern Autumn 2013
The Tai Lung Journey from the Hollywood movie - Kung Fu Panda Mike Hackett Autumn 2013
Finding your Way through the Snowstorm: Mortality as Teacher Peter Labanyi Autumn 2013
Happiness - hype of helpful? Patricia Allen-Garrett Autumn 2013
A Perspective On Working with Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Maria Dowling Summer 2013
Therapeutic Work with Children who have Experienced Sexual Abuse Monica Murphy Summer 2013
How or what is considered effective treatment/intervention when working with individuals who have sexually offended? Eileen Finnegan Summer 2013
Self-Care and the Wounded Healer Pam Patchell Summer 2013
Warmth in the Big Freeze Jo-Anne Sexton Spring 2013
Loneliness: An Obsolete Perception? Caroline Singh Spring 2013
Money, Money, Money Jude Fay Spring 2013
Energising Psychotherapy Prcatice with Advanced Integrative Psychotherapy (AIT) Heather Redington Spring 2013
The Lived Experience of Being Gay Gerard Rodgers Spring 2013
Negligence and the Psychotherapist Debbie Hegarty Winter 2012
Infertility, loss and grief: do we truly undertand? Caroline Rock Winter 2012
Mind to body: how depression and stress produce illness Cecilia Keogh Winter 2012
Discovering that no is the ground for yer: childhood sexual abuse trauma and working with the motoric fields of Biosynthesis Attracta Gill Winter 2012
Emotionally Focused Therapy: An Attachment Theory perspective
to couple therapy
Gail Palmer Winter 2012
But a river doesn't flow in pieces Ance McMahon Autumn 2012
Mindfulness in therapist self-care Padraig O'Morain Autumn 2012
Self Care - Surviving the dangers of empathy Maureen Raymond McKay Autumn 2012
Burnout, vicarious traumatisation and self-care Dr Andy Harkin Autumn 2012
The obsession with change Susie Orbach Summer 2012
Engaging the body changes the brain Peter Afford Summer 2012
Why we can't be whoever we want to be: the biological limits
to change
Barbara Dowds Summer 2012
Conscious relationships and social change Tony Huphreys Summer 2012
The transcendent function, cultural complexes and change in
Thomas Singer Summer 2012
Spirituality in Counselling Ann Long Spring 2012
Spirituality and Therapy Siobhán Mahon Spring 2012
What is Integrative CBT? Eoin Stephens Spring 2012
The Evolution of Human Consciousness and Spirituality Barbara Dowds Spring 2012

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