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Meet the Party Leader Micheál Martin, TD [06/12/18]

IACP CEO and Chair Met with FF Leader Micheál Martin

IACP were among some of the numerous attendees at The Wheel's Meet the Party Leader with Fianna Fáil's Micheál Martin at the Alex Hotel on the 06/12/18. 

The series of talks organised and facilitated by The Wheel allow political party leaders the chance to communicate in an open forum with leaders in the non-profit and community sector. 

Mr Martin delivered a prompt monologue regarding the role of the community sector and their continuing place in Irish society. Mr Martin stated that he believes that the government needs to "stop shortchanging" community and voluntary groups and calls for a "proper rewards structure" for non-profit organisations. 

Mr Martin was adamant in his expression that "communities need to be empowered" and that if Fianna Fáil were to come into power, "funding [for community groups] will be fair and consistent". Furthermore, he stressed the importance of sustainability in regards to the financial support of community groups and spoke of his party's intention to provide "multi-annual funding" to these groups. 

He spoke of the over-regulation of medical and teaching professions, and that many teachers and healthcare workers are too busy "filling in sheets" and are too bogged down in bureaucracy to work effectively. He stated that there needs to be more trust put in people working in the non-profit or public sector and that "fairness is key".

This open address was followed by a forum in which the members of the audience spoke directly to the Minister with their concerns about the future of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland.

IACP CEO Lisa Molloy took the time to engage Mr Martin regarding IACP's desire for new counselling and psychotherapeutic initiatives for school children and our focus on early intervention for school children. Lisa queried the TD on how he feels regarding the development of a Resilience Building primary school mental health programme and a National School-Based Counselling Programme. 

The IACP would like to thank Ivan and the rest of the team at the Wheel for the opportunity for us to attend this very inventive and invaluable series of events. 


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