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Menopause Awareness for Psychotherapists and Counsellors CPD Training by Niamh Daly
22-03-2024   March 22nd 7:00-9.30pm, 23rd 9.30am-1.30 and 24th 9.30am-1pm
10 CPD hours
External Event, IACP CPD approved

In this course you will gain understanding of the biochemical impact of the stages of menopause, and how it, society, social media and even medical and lifestyle advice can negatively contribute to a woman's stability, behaviour, feelings and energy in distinct ways, and impact her immediate family, colleagues and friends.

  • Not just about the woman herself, you will gain insight into how perimenopause can affect relationships, and learn enough to help couples, families & friends, understand the impact the fluctuations of reproductive hormones have on their sense of each other.
  • The physical impacts on the body, and on hormones other than reproductive ones, will be made clear, helping you contextualise why some menopausal women may seem unable to implement suggestions for changes to improve their wellbeing, and how, if appropriate, you can help a woman overcome these impediments.
  • The nervous system is key to the severity of the perimenopause experience, and you will gain a wide array of useful techniques to support nervous system resilience in your clients, via stimulation of the Vagus Nerve and other strategies. 
  • Trauma sensitivity in menopause because the struggles of perimenopause can be experienced as a loss of control, power and comfort in being who we are, and in feeling how we are feeling. The connection of menopause to trauma history, trauma-sensitive language and adjustments will be taught.
  • Somatic techniques adjusted for the menopausal woman because a woman’s relationship with her body can change. You will be resourced with simple techniques to help clients stay connected to their body.
  • The “feel-good hormones” are affected by the reduction in the reproductive hormones. In taking this course, you will learn in-session, and outside-session ways to encourage the release of these hormones in your clients, which can help with mood, libido, sleep, digestion, sociability and so much more.

There will be space to discuss particular challenges your clients are facing. These discussions will help professionals support a wide array of individual manifestations of this life phase.

Course recognised by IACP 10 CPD points. €195.

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