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WRC - Turning Meno-pause into Mega-Pause; Menopause Awareness Raising for Therapists (21/05/22) CPD Presenter: Breeda Bermingham
21-05-2022   Starts: 10:00 a.m.: 16:00 p.m..
6 CPD hours
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WRC - Turning Meno-pause into Mega-Pause; Menopause Awareness Raising for Therapists

Presenters Bio:

Breeda Bermingham is a social entrepreneur, founder of the MidlifeWomen Rock Project and Cafes (2019). She is on a mission to disruptthe way menopause has been constructed for decades and spotlightthe opportunities, second chances, access to deep creativity, personalgrowth, self-actualization, courage, and confidence that are allavailable to women, once supported at Midlife.Having worked with women for years as a midwife and public health nurse, Breeda returned to fulltime education completing a psychology degree in 2018 followed by a sociology masters in 2020.Herresearch interest is Midlife Women, Menopause and Leadership.

Perplexed by the massive lack ofeducation and information she set up the Midlife Women Rock cafes in 2019 in Ireland to gatherwomen in safe spaces to discuss menopause and share stories.

She coaches women individually and ingroup settings focusing on symptom management along with the positive aspects of menopausetransition. The taboo around menopause continues to limit and disempower women in their middleyears. It It has to be removed in order to enable women to thrive.
There is NO shame in being amenopausal woman in 2021.

Workshop Outline: 

10 A.M. Welcome and Introductions by IACP.

10.15am-11.30am Session one
-Introduction -Why we need to talk about menopause -Statistics, global trends
-What we all need to know as professionals
-Awareness, language and phases of menopause
-How do I know I have reached perimenopause- diagnosis
-The 34 plus symptoms associated with menopause

Question and answer session.

11.40am-1pm Session Two
-Understanding menopause and understanding ourselves as women during this transition
-Every woman’s journey is unique
-Addressing menopause with a client
-Mental health pathway or hormonal pathway?
-Opportunities for Healing
-Break out rooms

Question and Answer session before lunch

After lunch -2pm-3pm Session Three.
-Managing symptoms
-Informing ourselves and our clients
-Lifestyle changes- movement, food and nutrition.
-Supplements for menopause management.
-Alternative therapies and the power of nature.
-Mindset shifting- CBT, counselling, Psychotheraphy
-The role of Hormone replacement therapy.

Question and answer session.

3pm to 4 pm Session four.
-Menopause in the workplace
-Why it matters.
-What we need to know.
-The Three Secrets to flourishing through menopause that I have shared with
-100’s of clients that I have worked with to date.

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