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Articles from the IACP Journals from 2016 and 2017

Article NameUnpacking Self-Care  

Authors Name: Mia Christina Doring 

Journal Issue: Winter 2017

Article NameGreen Care and Walk & Talk Therapy: An Underused Resource that has Benefits for Everyone  

Authors Name: Ian Birthistle

Journal Issue: Winter 2017

Article NameDecision Making Regarding Motherhood in Ireland: Making a Space for Women's Voices in Counselling  

Authors Name: Margaret O'Connor 

Journal Issue: Winter 2017

Article NameAnxiety and stress in the transition from primary to secondary school - How lasting psychological impact can be avoided  

Authors Name: Maretta Byrne

Journal Issue: Winter 2017

Article NameWe need to Talk about Anti-Depressants

Authors Name: Mari Gallagher 

Journal Issue: Winter 2017

Article NameProfessor Mick Cooper - interviewed by Mr. Joseph Enright, at the "Research: Friend not Foe" Conference  

Authors Name: Joseph Enright 

Journal Issue: Autumn 2017

Article NameTeaching Research: An Exploration of "Here to be Dragons" Territory and the Development of the Practitioner-Researcher  

Authors Name: Karen Walsh 

Journal Issue: Autumn 2017

Article NameAre Cork Counsellors Predictable Types?  

Authors Name: Hugh Morley

Journal Issue: Autumn 2017

Article NameWhen Irish Eyes are Smiling: Irish Therapists' Well-being and Their Passion for the Work of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Authors Name: Mike Hackett and Jolanta Burke

Journal Issue: Autumn 2017

Article Name: Therapeutic Relating Embodied: An Exploration of Psychotherapists' Experiences of Touch in Therapy

Authors Name: Delphine O'Keeffe

Journal Issue: Autumn 2017

Article NameThe Importance of Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy: Looking at Suicide Through a Family Constellations Lens 

Authors Name: Brendan O'Brien

Journal Issue: Autumn 2017

Article Name"Living in the Bottle" An exploration of the family system and how it has affected the adult children who have a parent with an alcohol addiction  

Authors Name: Siobhan Rock

Journal Issue: Summer 2017

Article NameThe Dog in the Room 

Authors Name: Isla Jeffers and Coleen Jones

Journal Issue: Summer 2017

Article NamePenetrating the Silence of Sorrow: Counselling those Bereaved by Suicide 

Authors Name: Alan Kavanagh

Journal Issue: Summer 2017

Article NameWhen 'Challenges' Become More Than That: A Journey of Post-Natal Depression: How can we as human therapists help? 

Authors Name: Patricia Allen-Garrett

Journal Issue: Summer 2017

Article NameIs a therapist’s attachment style predictive of stress and burnout in a sample of Irish therapists? 

Authors Name: Ciaran Carr and Jonathan Egan

Journal Issue: Spring 2017

Article NameIs there a role for counselling in the treatment of addiction? 

Authors Name: Mick Devine

Journal Issue: Spring 2017

Article NameMindfulness for Supervisors 

Authors Name: Padraig O’Moráin

Journal Issue: Spring 2017

Article NameMy personal experience of Grief and Loss and learning to live in the NOW 

Authors Name: Marian Staunton

Journal Issue: Spring 2017

Article NameComing Out or Staying In? The Persona and Shadow of Being Gay, and its Relevance to Psychotherapy in Modern Ireland  

Authors Name: Simon Forsyth

Journal Issue: Winter 2016

Article NameCounselling and The Big C  

Authors Name: Roisin Whelan 

Journal Issue: Winter 2016

Article NameDoes Psychotherapy = Counselling? A View on Defining Differences  

Authors Name: Maeve Dooley

Journal Issue: Winter 2016

Article NamePsychotherapy and the DSM: What Relationship?

Authors Name: Mary Peyton

Journal Issue: Autumn 2016

Article NameFear within the Supervisory Space 

Authors Name: Karen Gavin

Journal Issue: Autumn 2016

Article NameA creative Approach to Bereavement Support in Groups

Authors Name: Breffni Mc Guinness

Journal Issue: Autumn 2016

Article NameHistory, Heredity and 1916: A Jungian Perspective  

Authors Name: Orla Crowley

Journal Issue: Autumn 2016

Article NameIntimate Partner Emotional Abuse and the Application of Attachment Theory  

Authors Name: Gavin Haugh

Journal Issue: Summer 2016

Article NamePost Traumatic Growth: Examining and Increase of Optimism Amongst Targets of Bullying in Ireland  

Authors Name: Jolanta Burke 

Journal Issue: Summer 2016

Article NameCounselling and Homelessness  

Authors Name: Andrea Koenigstorfer

Journal Issue: Summer 2016

Article NameVAT - Why Us? Do I have to? And What is it all About?  

Authors Name: Fergal Maher

Journal Issue: Summer 2016

Article NameChallenges of Formulating and Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Authors Name: Ramesh Ramsahoye

Journal Issue: Spring 2016

Article NameIs Bio Engery Therapy a Viable Resource within the Counselling Setting?

Authors Name: Laureen Taylor

Journal Issue: Spring 2016

Article NameDream to Live not Live to Dream  

Authors Name: Michael O'Shea PhD

Journal Issue: Spring 2016

Article NameLet's Make Friends with the DSM  

Authors Name: Dr. Denise Mullen

Journal Issue: Spring 2016



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