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COVID -19 and Stress Management

IACP COVID-19 tips & help

by IACP Accredited Member Joe Heffernan

(1) IDENTIFY your support contacts - family, friends etc. Keep in touch by phone, text and email – SHARE how you feel. Also: GP,HSE numbers: 1850 24 1850 and E: ONLY follow instructions, advice from TRUSTED SOURCES e.g. HSE

(2) EXERCISE. Walking is good - but safe distance (2 or 3 Metres). Catch up on reading – Those books you meant to read. Enjoy light TV Programmes. Listen to music. Eat healthily and keep to a routine re. meals and sleep. Practise meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises. Tidy that room - Do jobs in the garden - Walk the dog. Keep a sense of humour – Funny WhatsApp attachments. DO NOT constantly access / think about Covid-19 UPDATE

(3) ENGAGE WITH POSITIVE THINKING: “This Too Shall Pass”. What saw me through tough times before won't desert me now. For those who are of a spiritual nature – trust your beliefs. Look up “RESILIENCE” Online (Esp. American Psychological Assoc.).

(4) IF you are finding it all too stressful – many psychotherapists are offering Telephone appointments / consultations. Look up 

We will get through this! 


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