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Renewal of Supervision Accreditation

As and from 1st of January 2016 the IACP accreditation will be processed on an annual basis, arising from a vote of members present at the IACP 2014 AGM. 

At some point in 2016 you will be contacted by email by a member of IACP staff with detailed instructions on how to renew your accreditation. You can download a sample of the application form which is available on this page to see what exact information you will be requested to provide for the renewal of your IACP accreditation.

All Accredited Members and Supervisors will be asked to renew their accreditation at the same time. 

The processing fee for the renewal of IACP accreditation is €30 for an Accredited Supervisor. Any processing fee that has already been paid in recent years will be credited to future processing fees as appropriate.

There is only one form to be completed for both categories of membership (Accredited Member and Accredited Supervisor) and your accreditation as an Accredited Member and an Accredited Supervisor will be renewed at the same time.

Continuing Accreditation depends on a renewal application being received by IACP on or before the renewal date and is subject to current and valid Garda Vetting. 

Payment of the application processing fee is required prior to receiving the application form. If you have paid your application fee in recent years and you have credit with IACP- the forms will be sent out to you by a member of the IACP staff when your accreditation renewal is due. 

The process:

A reminder notice to apply for renewal of Accreditation is sent by IACP to Accredited Supervisors prior to the end of their accreditation period.

What is required to become a re-accredited Supervisor?

An Applicant must:

1. Have maintained accredited membership of IACP since Supervisor Accreditation.

2. Show example of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) relevant to supervision (CPD 10 Hours annually out of 30 hours of CPD)

3. Have maintained both a Counselling and Supervision practice. Reference IACP Code of Ethics & Code of Ethics for Supervisors.

4. Submit a supervisor’s report(s) on your current supervision, signed by the current supervisor with whom the Applicant must have been in practice with.

If you have changed supervisor since last accreditation date you will be required to submit a Supervisor’s Report from each supervisor 


“That from March 2010, a requirement will come into effect that those beginning supervision or Members changing supervisor (i.e. any new supervision contracts) will have to have their work supervised by a supervisor accredited by IACP or accredited by an equivalent body acceptable to IACP. “(Motion carried at AGM 2008)

Therefore it is required by the IACP that a Counsellor/Psychotherapist or a Student Counsellor/Psychotherapist should choose a Supervisor who is

A) An IACP Accredited Supervisor
B) An IAHIP Accredited Supervisor (Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy)
C) An BACP Accredited Supervisor



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Timeframe for statutory registration


Draft regulations to designate the professions of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and to establish a registration board will be ready for submission to the Houses of the Oireachtas for their approval during the present session, the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, has told the Dail.


The Minister recently concluded a public consultation on  his proposal to regulate counsellors generally under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.


On foot of the consultation process, He has decided to proceed with the designation of two distinct professions under the Act, that of counsellor and psychotherapist. Each will have its own register under one registration board. This decision has been communicated to the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, the relevant professional bodies and all the respondents to the public consultation process.


Subject to the approval of the Houses, the next step will be the appointment of the 13 members of the registration board, following the submission of suitable candidates for the Minister's consideration, by the Public Appointments Service. The aim is that the registration board will be in a position early in the New Year to begin the task of drafting the various bye-laws to allow it to establish its registers.



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