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Annual Monitoring of IACP Accredited Courses

The aim of the Annual Monitoring process is to maintain the quality of IACP Accredited courses to provide the best course possible for trainees of counselling and psychotherapy.

The Annual Monitoring process will consist of IACP Accredited courses completing an Annual Report Application Form and an Annual Monitoring assessment visit. This process will involve a comprehensive examination of a courses evaluation system, assessment procedures, results and development.

IACP Annual Monitoring Report Form

The Annual Monitoring Report Form is available to download in the left margin/submenu. The deadline for Annual Monitoring Report Form is the 31st of January every year. The completed form must be submitted on or before this date. 

IACP Annual Monitoring Assessments

The IACP will conduct Annual Monitoring Assessments of IACP Accredited courses during their accreditation period.  This purpose of the visit is to provide insight into how the course is run on a day to day basis and to support Course Providers in maintaining standards and developing the course.

Monitoring Visits

The Course Accreditation Officer and a Course Assessor will conduct Annual Monitoring visits throughout the academic year. Courses will be informed of this visit at least a month in advance. Not all courses will be assessed every year. Course monitoring visits will be conducted randomly over the courses six year accreditation period.

The visit will consist of a staff interview, a class representative interview, document review and facilities assessment. The visit will take approximately four to eight hours. The visit will assess the information outlined in the completed Annual Monitoring Report Form and ensure that the day to day running of the course is effective and satisfactory for all those involved with and participating in the course.

Once the visit has been completed the Course Accreditation Officer and Course Assessor will sign a verification document to confirm the courses successful completion of the Monitoring process.

Important Information

  • The Annual Monitoring Report form must be submitted by the 31st of January. 
  • If any breach of the Course Accreditation Criteria becomes apparent within the Annual Monitoring Process or at any time during the accreditation period the IACP will issue a letter seeking clarification regarding this breach. The Course Accreditation Officer will issue the Course Provider with a deadline to rectify and demonstrate this to the Course Accreditation Officer. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of the courses IACP accredited status.
  • Failure to engage in the Annual Monitoring process will result in the withdrawal of IACP accredited status.
  • The IACP uphold the right to visit a course at any stage during the six-year accreditation period. 


The course is responsible for ensuring that it understands, meets and continues to meet all requirements for course accredited status. Where IACP suspends or withdraws accredited status from a course, it is a matter between the Course Provider and its students. IACP has no liability to students on a course where it suspends or withdraws its accredited status. The Course Provider of the course will be responsible to the students for any detriment caused to them as a result of the course losing its accreditation. 



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