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Multiple Course Accreditation

Multiple Course Accreditation is an option that the IACP offer for Course Providers who run the same counselling and psychotherapy course on a different day, at a different time or in a different location.

This form of accreditation offers a condensed application form, which requires the Course Provider to submit academic content, policies and procedures and course design and rationale once. Each course must be visited separately by the Course Accreditation Officer and Course Assessor to verify that each course is the same except for staff, time, location, day and facilities.

First Time Accreditation process for Multiple Courses

1. Courses who wish to apply for IACP Course Accreditation for multiple courses with varying weekdays or locations are asked to complete a Multiple courses application form which is available for download from the ‘Apply Now’ box on this page.

2. The Course Provider is asked to download, read and sign the Terms and Conditions for Courses contract. This is an important document that must be submitted with the completed application form.

3. The Course Provider is asked to submit the academic content, extra documentation and completed checklist and terms and conditions contract once. All other variations specific to location, staff, time, weekday and facilities are outlined in the Multiple Course Accreditation Application Form.

4. An assessment visit is conducted for each course and is conducted in the same manner as a first-time accreditation/re-accreditation visit assessment. The assessment visit will be assessed by the Course Accreditation Officer and a Course Assessor.

Please Note:

  • All courses applied for in multiple course accreditation must have completed a full cycle of the course before applying for accreditation.
  • Any misleading or inaccurate information that is given to the IACP will result in all courses being withdrawn from the Course Accreditation Process or in the case of multiple course re-accreditation or for courses with IACP accredited status; the IACP Accredited status will, depending on the circumstances, be withdrawn from a course/all the courses in question.


The course is responsible for ensuring that it understands, meets, and meets all course accredited status requirements. Where IACP suspends or withdraws accredited status from a course, it is a matter between the Course Provider and its students. IACP has no liability to students on a course where it suspends or withdraws its accredited status. The Course Provider of the course will be responsible to the students for any detriment caused to them due to the course losing its accreditation. 



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