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Carl Berkeley Memorial Award 2023

Christine May, Oct 2023

Christine May has been dedicated to the profession of counselling and psychotherapy and committed to the development of the IACP over many years. During her time as a therapist and supervisor in the Marriage and Relationship Counselling Service (MRCS) she was involved in the development of several innovative programmes. The development and provision of marriage preparation courses was a pioneering, proactive intervention to ensure reflection and preparation for a healthy, long term committed relationship.  

Christine was also involved in Teen Between which was a unique intervention for young people coming to terms with separating parents. At the time this programme provided support to many young people and their parents to navigate a healthy, co-parenting environment.  The proactive nature of both the marriage preparation and Teen Between supports is impressive, focusing on helping families to reflect on healthy choices and developing long term positive impacts.  

Christine has also been pivotal to the IACP's Complaints Committee, only recently retiring from her role as Chair. She was on the Committee between 2017 and 2023 and dedicated these years to ensuring that complaints are handled in an appropriate manner, protecting both clients and IACP members.  

Christine also served for many years on the Supervision Committee. She has a very strong sense of best practice and professional boundaries, both as a therapist and in representing IACP.  

Christine’s input as the Chair of the Complaints Committee for IACP has also had a long-term and positive impact on the field of psychotherapy. Overseeing the delicate balance of a complaints policy for a counselling organisation is a difficult task. Holding the balance of the rights of clients to make a complaint and the rights of professionals to natural justice is the corner stone to any professional body. The ability to navigate these confusing waters takes a grounded individual with the ability to hold the respect and dignity of all parties in mind.

Christine May has made a vital, long-term, positive impact to the field of counselling and psychotherapy as well as to our association, the IACP. Her dedication and commitment is outstanding, chiefly displayed through her contribution to the development of relationship counselling and the hundreds of hours she served on IACP Committees helping to develop and monitor ethical training courses and to ensure a safe, fair complaints process.

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