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IACP Accreditation Appeals Procedure


The Appeals Panel

The IACP Appeals Panel comprises of:

  • - One IACP Executive Committee Member.
  • - One IACP Accreditation Committee Member.
  • - One Accredited Member of IACP who is not currently serving on the IACP Executive committee, and who is not currently serving on the IACP Accreditation Committee and who has been an IACP Accredited Member for a minimum of five consecutive years.

The IACP Executive Committee appoints members to the IACP Appeals Panel for a minimum of one year.

the Representative of Accreditation Committee is chosen on a rotational basis throughout the year. The member who signed the actual application cannot be chosen for the Appeals Meeting.

Grounds for Appeal

An applicant may appeal to the IACP Appeals Panel if they feel they have grounds to believe that the Assessment Process was not carried out fairly and properly in accordance with the published criteria in operation at the time of the original application for accreditation.

The grounds for appeal should be clearly and specifically stated.


How the Appeal is Assessed

The IACP Appeals Panel will endeavour to meet no later than 6 weeks from the date of the Appeal. The original application for accreditation is read unchanged by the IACP Appeals Panel but an applicant may submit up to 500 words of comments or information pertinent to the reasons stated for rejection.


How to Submit an Appeal

An appeal must be made within four weeks of the notification date of the refused original application for accreditation. The appeal must be accompanied by a fee of €50 (refundable if the appeal is upheld).

All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary of the IACP Appeals Panel.

Decision of the Appeals Panel

The decision of the IACP Appeals Panel is final. 

The Accreditation Department will communicate it to the applicant in writing. 



 Updated: 15th January 2016. 



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