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IACP Accreditation Re-Instatement Policy


The IACP Re-Instatement policy is available to previously accredited members that have cancelled their accreditation and now wish to resume their accreditation with IACP. 


Requirements: Cancelled less than 2 months

The individual must submit a letter  detailing why they allowed their membership to lapse. This will be reviewed by the Accreditation Department and may be referred to the Accreditation Committee if deemed necessary. If membership lapses on more than one occasion, this will be referred to the Accreditation Committee. The individual must undergo Garda Vetting again.

Requirements: Cancelled between 2 months and 2 years

The individual must submit:

  • Letter stating why membership was lapsed and why the applicant wishes to reinstate membership
  • Letter of support from IACP/BACP/IAHIP accredited supervisor stating a contract is in place and at least one supervision session has been attended
  • Proof of professional indemnity insurance
  • Must reapply for IACP Garda Vetting
  • If annual re-accreditation paperwork is overdue, this must also be submitted prior to reinstatement.

Requirements: Cancelled between 2 years and 7 years

The individual must:

  • Hold Pre-Accredited Membership for the 12 months immediately prior to full Re-Instatement of Accreditation 
  • Meet Pre-Accredited Member supervision requirements for the 12 months prior to full Re-Instatement of Accreditation 
  • Log 30 hours of CPD in the 12 months prior to full ReInstatement of   Accreditation
  • Have current Professional Liability Insurance
  • Must undergo Garda Vetting

Requirements: Cancelled for 7+ years

  • The individual must apply for First Time Accreditation under present rules.
  • Applicants must be Garda vetted, for details please contact the Accreditation Department on .

How to apply if your membership is cancelled between 2 years and 7 years:

Part A
of the application form should be completed when applying for the Re-Instatement of Accreditation. This should be accompanied by the
processing fee of €100. After 12 months, once you meet all the above requirements, please complete

Part B of the application form and return it to the IACP office. All applications are at the discretion of the Accreditation Department and Re-instatement of Accredited Membership is not guaranteed.&nbsp

Please note that Re-Instatement of Accreditation is not available to those whose Renewal of Accreditation has been unsuccessful. These applicants must apply for First Time Accreditation. 


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