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Renewal of Accreditation

As and from 1st of January 2016 the IACP accreditation is being processed on an annual basis, arising from a vote of members present at the IACP 2014 AGM.

All Accredited Members and Supervisors will be renewing their accreditation on annual basis. 

The processing fee for the renewal of IACP accreditation is €20 per year and €30 for an Accredited Supervisor. Any processing fee that has already been paid in recent years will be credited to future processing fees as appropriate.

If you are an Accredited Supervisor:

There is only one form to be completed for both categories of membership (Accredited Member and Accredited Supervisor). For future re-accreditation, your accreditation as an Accredited Member and an Accredited Supervisor will be renewed at the same time.

Continuing Accreditation depends on a renewal application being received by IACP on or before the renewal date and is subject to current and valid Garda Vetting. 

Payment of the application processing fee is required prior to receiving the application form. If you have paid your application fee in recent years and you have credit with IACP- the forms will be sent out to you by a member of the IACP staff when your accreditation renewal is due. 

Once an application is received, an email receipt is sent to the Member. Please make sure that your email address is correct on your application and that it is an address that you check regularly.

Fully completed applications are assessed by the Accreditation Department and the Accreditation Committee, if necessary.

Once approved all applications are screened by the Complaints Committee.

When approved- a confirmation email and a PDF version of Certificate of Accreditation will be sent to you. 

Please note: As of January 2016 a hard copy of certificate of accreditation will be issued only on request.

An Accredited Members status continues to be valid while an application for renewal of accreditation is being processed. 

Only fully completed, applications will be processed. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Applications can only be accepted at a maximum of 3 months prior to the Renewal of Accreditaiton due date.  Any applications received more than 3 months before this date will be returned.

If an application is unsuccessful a letter of notification will be sent to the applicant and their membership will be lapsed.

Application Processing Times

If there are no queries on the application this process will take approximately 3 months or less.

If there is a query on the application, you will be notified by email and the application will be reviewed by the Accreditation Committee. If this happens then it may take longer than 3 months to process.

If an application is not complete or additional information is required then the processing time may be longer.

At certain times of the year or if the volume of applications is high it may take longer for your application to be processed.

Requirements for Renewal of Accreditation

  • Applicants for renewal of accreditation must:
  • A) Complete and sign the Renewal of Accreditation Form which must be read and signed by the applicant’s current supervisor at the time of applying.
  • B) Provide an IACP Supervisor’s Report (page 3 of the application form) for each supervisor (IACP, BACP or IAHIP accredited only) listed on the application form.
  • C) Complete 30 hours of CPD per year (please do not send us any certificates of attendance, only provide examples as requested in the application form, this must be signed by your main Supervisor).
  • D) Hold current and valid Garda Vetting. 
  • E) Have current Professional Liability Insurance. This may be personal insurance if you are in private practice or it may be through your employer, even if you work as a volunteer. It is your responsibility to check that you are covered in each location that you work.
  • F) Have met all supervision requirements for Accredited Membership from the date of the previous renewal of accreditation, except where there has been an application for Inactive Accredited Membership.
  • G) Be up to date with your annual IACP membership fee.
  • Putting your application together
    When putting your application together, you do not need to provide it in any ‘fancy’ format – just a simple staple, paper clip or single plastic wallet is fine. Please don’t bind your application or put it in a heavy folder – we will only have to remove it. Similarly, please don’t put each individual sheet in a plastic wallet and please make sure the pages are in order. Thank you. 




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