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Can I become Pre-Accredited when I finish my placement hours?

Pre-Accredited Membership is a graduate membership category, and therefore you must be qualified from an IACP Course to be eligible.

What is the CPD requirement for Pre-Accredited Members?

Pre-Accredited Members of IACP are required to log 10 hours of CPD for each year of Pre-Accredited Membership.

When can I apply for First Time Accreditation?

IACP's requirement is that applications for First Time Accreditation are accepted between the period of 1 year and 5 years following the successful completion of a core course. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this timeframe is being currently extended to 6 years. This is a temporary extension until the end of 2022. Please note that from January 2023 - any applications will have to be submitted within 5 years from successful completion of the core course.

In special circumstances, an applicant may apply in writing to have their application for Accreditation considered outside the normal timeframe, but this will be at the discretion of the Accreditation Committee. If you are seeking this discretion, please submit a letter with your application explaining why you have not submitted an application within the above timeframe. 

Can I take a complete break from practice as a Pre-Accredited Member?

Yes. We ask Pre-Accredited Members to let us know if they are taking a complete break from practice. We also ask for any breaks in pratcice to be noted on the First Time Accreditation Application Form. Applications for First Time Accreditation are accepted between the period of 1 year and 5 years following the successful completion of a core course.

What is the supervision requirement for Pre-Accredited Members?

Frequency: Individual Supervision must take place for at least one hour per month when the Counsellor / Psychotherapist if actively seeing or available to see clients.

Ratio: The required minimum ratio of supervision for Pre-Accredited members is one hour of supervision for every 10 client contact hours. Please see expanded supervision requirements for Pre-Accredited Members here:

Does my supervisor need to be accredited by IACP?

IACP accepts supervision from IACP, BACP, and IAHIP Accredited Supervisors.

Do I need to have the same supervisor from when I qualify from my course to when I apply for First Time Accreditation?

You can change supervisors during the course of the 450 hours. Please note the following:

1. You are required to change supervisor once you receive your final transcript of results/award from the college. You will have the time between receiving your final transcript of results to receiving your QQI/Awarding body certificate to contract with a new (IACP/BACP/IAHIP) supervisor.

2. Pre-accredited members must be supervised by the same Accredited Supervisor (IACP, BACP or IAHIP) in the 12 months preceding their application for first time accreditation

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