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Poem - Script by Stephen O'Connell [21/10/21]

Stephen O'Connell, a student member of the IACP shares his poem with us as part of our 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

As part of our 40th Anniversary Celebrations, we're inviting content submissions from members. 

Stephen O'Connell shares his poem with us as part of our 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

Stephen O'Connell is a pre-accredited member of IACP. He recently attained a BA (HONS) degree in counselling and Psychotherapy from MTU (Formerly CIT). He is currently in the process of setting up his own private practice.

 He lives in Passage West, Cork with his wife Lisa, son Kit and their dog Eubank. His personal development journey began seven years ago with a twenty week counselling skills course and continues everyday since.

 He has always enjoyed poetry since he was a young boy in school, and he often finds that writing his own can be a useful way to bring his thoughts together on certain things.

 This poem was inspired by his studies on TA, and the concept of "Script theory" in particular, which focuses on the psychology of human destiny.

Script by Stephen O'Connell 

Avoid, avoid
Make busy days
Drive on, must do
In many ways

Achieve, achieve
This might be you
Behind that mountain
There might be two

Try, try
But don't succeed
Mother makes decisions
When father takes the lead

Winner, winner
Your fortune is guaranteed
Not like those
Who work until they bleed

Lose, lose
You can't afford to win
Like the good
Who can't afford to sin

Rush, rush
Rush to get it through
And when the race is over
You still have more to do.



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